My Favorite Bible Story

The Woman at The Well In John Chapter 4 verses 1-30 is the story of The Woman at The Well. The glasses that I look through because of my life experience have shaped this to be my favorite story. This woman had everything stacked against her. The odds against even the encounter, were huge. 1st […]


I like to support my friends whenever possible. I have been receiving Facebook invitations to events where Lady Zion and the Babylon Boys were playing for months now. Most of them conflicted with other events and a couple of times I simply forgot. This past week I planned to go and see them on Saturday. […]

Goodness GRACEcious

I honestly thought I had a clue about Grace. I found out last week that I didn’t, really know much at all about grace, other than I had received it and occasionally given it. This little story will in no way attempt to explain Grace but instead tell of some of the side-effects. So I […]


I have never been a big believe in Karma. I have seen too many bad things happen to good people and too many great things happen to bad people over and over again. I believe and God the father and His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I also very much believe in free […]

Hope like none I have ever seen!

Dear Websters Dictionary, I would like to request that from this day forward you put Rachel Latham’s picture next to the word “Hope”, please! For never have I witnessed a Hope as strong or as obvious as hers! This is the hardest thing I have ever written in my life. It is difficult to type […]

Who are you?

I think you will appreciate my latest post if you watch this video 1st. It’s your call but I would.     That is the question that was posed to some 220 high school students this past week. What would your answer be? We aren’t talking name, rank and serial number either. We are […]


This was my fourth MPulse and it was unlike any previous. For those of you not in the know (aka haven’t had kids who went to ACU Camps), MPulse is for middle school age kids and Kadesh is for high school age kids. Most of the time middles school kids tend not to be as […]


Don’t get buffalo’d by tech support. If they try to tell you something that doesn’t sound right, ask someone you know who is knowledgeable on the subject. Don’t just go on faith believing they are the experts because they rarely are. Google it. Find an expert. It truly amazes me when I call tech support […]

HEB Village Park Center is the best HEB

So last night I arrived at my HEB at Village Park Center (Far West). I went straight to the Deli. All the staff were busy cleaning when a woman asked what I needed. She was very polite but something in her tone clued me in to the fact that something wasn’t right and I asked […]

New Yorkers are fickle!

So I just read this op-ed piece¬† . The UFC and other organizations are trying to get MMA legalized in New York. So somebody wrote this op-ed piece and I don’t even see their name anywhere, so they can’t be too proud of it. They talk about Ronda Rousey’s fight with Miesha Tate the Bantam […]