New Yorkers are fickle!

So I just read this op-ed piece . The UFC and other organizations are trying to get MMA legalized in New York. So somebody wrote this op-ed piece and I don’t even see their name anywhere, so they can’t be too proud of it. They talk about Ronda Rousey’s fight with Miesha Tate the Bantam Weight Champion at the time. He mentions the fact that Ronda wound up hyperextending Miesha’s elbow.

I am pretty willing to bet this person offering their opinion has never trained or participated in any type of submission grappling. If they had they would know that in most cases and specifically this case, not getting something broken is incumbent on the receiver. It was Meisha’s job to tap out before she was injured. My shoulders were messed up for a couple of years because in practice I was trying to see how much pain I could take before tapping. That was MY BAD not the guy practicing the submission hold.

It is no different then going to the doctor. You should know when you need to go to the doctor. If you refuse to go and something bad happens, it is your fault. But this person would instead blame the doctor for not treating the person who was too stubborn or too proud (see also stupid) to go to the doctor.

That is the entire reason that tapping out is part of the sport, to prevent serious injury. Meisha Tate wanted to be tough and is paying the price for that now. Once she has recovered she will have to figure out next time whether or not it was worth toughing it out. Having watched the fight I am not certain that it wasn’t the 1st armbar much earlier in the round that did the damage.

It wasn’t as if Ronda just applied the armbar full force with all she had in one motion and snapped the arm. She did it right. She secured the arm and applied pressure gradually, giving Miesha every opportunity to tap before it was too late.

I bet whoever wrote the op-ed piece didn’t have any trouble when Lawrence Taylor ended Joe Theisman’s career. If they were consistent, this same person would want football banned from New York. I bet that isn’t the case.

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