HEB Village Park Center is the best HEB

So last night I arrived at my HEB at Village Park Center (Far West). I went straight to the Deli. All the staff were busy cleaning when a woman asked what I needed. She was very polite but something in her tone clued me in to the fact that something wasn’t right and I asked if they were closed and looked at my watch to notice it was in fact 9:03 (I know they close at 9:00). She said they were. I said thank you, I can wait til tomorrow. Then a gentleman asked what I needed and I said it was OK. He asked again, so I said I need 1 lb. of HEB Black Forest Ham. He said no problem and the woman chimed in “Oh ham, that’s easy, had it been roast beef we probably would have said No” (Roast beef is much harder to clean up after).

The gentleman whose name I don’t know but will, sliced my ham, handed it to me and asked if I needed anything else? I replied no but thank you very much. I then went about gathering the other few items I needed, while thinking how kind that was of them to dirty equipment they just finished cleaning.
Well, right as I get to the checkout the same gentleman approached me with another bag of ham. He said “please give me the ham I gave you and take this one”. He went on to explain that right after I left and he started to clean the slicer he realized that it already had cleaning solution on it and my ham would be tainted from it. So he took it upon himself to find a clean slicer and slice me another pound of HEB Black Forest Ham and then search the store until he found me.
My HEB, Here Everything’s Better

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