Don’t get buffalo’d by tech support. If they try to tell you something that doesn’t sound right, ask someone you know who is knowledgeable on the subject. Don’t just go on faith believing they are the experts because they rarely are. Google it. Find an expert.
It truly amazes me when I call tech support for phone or computer how the “technician” ( I use the term loosely, see also script reader), will spout something off a script as if it were gospel. They will tell you that they are the expert or definitive answer and they won’t back down.
I was just on the phone with AT&T tech support because my Samsung Galaxy Note is not charging correctly. I told them that I left the phone “Shutdown” (not just turned off) overnight and it only charged to 40%. She tried to tell me that even if I closed an application, it could still be running in the background. I told her that would be true if it were only turned off but no if it is shutdown. If it is shutdown it isn’t running anything, not phone, text apps or anything. It can’t even receive a signal. She tried to insist that they did. I disagreed until she decided to just move on.
It is very like saying, when your car is off with the keys removed there are still parts of the engine running. Please don’t bring up the fan, I am being figurative here.
Just my take and vent on things!

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