This was my fourth MPulse and it was unlike any previous. For those of you not in the know (aka haven’t had kids who went to ACU Camps), MPulse is for middle school age kids and Kadesh is for high school age kids.

Most of the time middles school kids tend not to be as deep as high school kids. That is true in anything, not just Christian camp. I think this is just a fact of life, neither good nor bad. Since this is more of a guideline (see Pirates of the Caribbean) than an actual rule or law, there are exceptions.

I was blessed to meet 18 exceptions this last week. The first couple of days were normal middle school stuff. Tuesday or Wednesday things took a dramatic turn. As I was reviewing the day and providing a personal story that related to that day’s topic, one young man had the courage to discuss his personal struggles with divorcing parents. The depth of detail and pain he expressed led me to stop what we were doing and gather the group to pray about his situation.

I don’t know if it was the attention he received or the good kind of peer pressure or he just touched something in the next who touched something in the next and so on but immediately after the prayer another one shared something deep, then another and another. While several were heartbreaking stories some were not but they were all from deep hidden places in each kids soul!

Wanting each one to feel special and not wanting to do a blanket prayer, I assigned each group leader and ACU counselor with two or three to pray for.  It was a very special time for the group.

The great thing about that happening earlier than later in the week is that is opened up honest in depth communication for the rest of the week. This group grew really close through the week. They are very special kids and I really hope their parents know it.

The kids always like to write notes of encouragement to each other and thanks to their group leaders on the last day. This year was the same but the notes I received really let my know that my  stated goal was mostly achieved. Most of the time all the notes say “I love you” or “you are the best group leader ever” (I am sure they write this every year to every group leader) or “I will really miss you”. Because of a good friend and several 2×4’s from God, I have come to realize, if the I am the biggest thing they remember from camp, “I am a complete failure”. Of course if I am the 2nd thing or 3rd I might be successful. Jesus needs to be the most important thing they remember.

Several personal notes I received this year said “I have grown closer to God” or something similar. I was really humbled by this wonderful group of kids. There depth was far beyond my experience with kids their age.

The most profound thing I heard this week was regarding resumes or letters of recommendation. When I leave this world and stand face to face with my heavenly Father and Lord, these marvelous, beautiful kids will be my letter and resume (I started crying when I typed this line, thinking about each of them and how they each now own a piece of my heart).

I have never like math until I started working with kids. When we took the CAT test once a year when I was kid, my reading would be in the top 1% in the country and my math in the bottom 2%. It wasn’t that it was hard, I just had no interest. But God’s math is amazing and I love it. The way Jesus fed 5,000 was with LOVE. It is the only thing that no matter how many times you divide it, it never decreases, it grows. The more kids, I give a piece of my heart, the bigger it gets. If I ever die from an enlarged heart, you’ll know why.



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