Who are you?

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That is the question that was posed to some 220 high school students this past week. What would your answer be? We aren’t talking name, rank and serial number either. We are not talking about what you do for a living. What is your identity. If you could only use one word to describe your self, what would it be?

The kids were split into male and female groups and went through different exercises. The point was the same however. They wrote down there identity on a piece of cardboard and then shared with their group why. It was really easy to see how stupid all of these self descriptions were. One guy wrote dumb another wrote quitter (would you be brave enough to write something like that even if you felt it was true?). ┬áThere were a number of similar type signs all over the room of 100+ guys. Being a group leader I wasn’t given a sign to write on but as I looked around, I wondered what I would have written. I knew that whatever it was it would have been stupid too.

The way we think others see us and the way we see ourselves is not only most often distant from truth, the important thing is that it is so very distant from the way our Father in heaven sees us. To him we are his beloved children that he sent his son to die on the cross for. Satan loves to use all kinds of lies to convince us otherwise.

Satan will whisper and then shout that you are no more than the worst thing you have ever done. He will convince you, that you are your biggest failure. How dumb is that. We are more of the best thing we have ever done. We are our greatest achievement. To God, we are simply Beloved because His love is unconditional. You only have to be a parent to know that you don’t love your kids for the best or worst thing they have ever done. You love them because they are yours.

I have long said that Satan’s greatest tool is his ability to convince you that the lie he is telling you is a truth, you are telling yourself. He wants you to believe that they originated as your own thoughts. If you died and were raised again with Christ in baptism, then you truly are a new creation. A creation who doesn’t have those thoughts unless they come from somewhere else (Satan). But man oh man is he good at convincing you that you are still the old creation, you haven’t changed at all.

Please don’t believe Satan’s lies from hell. Believe God’s truth from heaven. He loves you unconditionally. You are His Beloved!



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