I have never been a big believe in Karma. I have seen too many bad things happen to good people and too many great things happen to bad people over and over again.

I believe and God the father and His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I also very much believe in free will. I believe there are evil people on this earth. I believe there are very good people too.
While I may not always come across as such, I try to be one of the good people. Those who know me well, know there isn’t much I wouldn’t do for a friend in need. But this story isn’t about me, this story is about MIKE. It is about a single act of kindness that I want as many people as I can get the word out to, to know about. Mostly I want people to know that Mike is a really good person whose motives were true and ones that have motivated me in the past.
My daughter, Diamond was recently down in the Rio Grande Valley to visit her boyfriend (sorry to all the young men who were secretly hoping). She was beginning her return trip home by getting gas. As most of us have experienced at one point or another, the pump did not want to read her card. (Enter Mike, nice guy) Mike attempted to assist her and wound up saying something like “how much gas can this car possibly hold”? He then proceeded to swipe his card and fill the tank for her. He didn’t even let her pump the gas! She thanked him profusely and her told her she was welcome and gave her his business card.
She posted a picture of his business card and her gas gage on Facebook. I took the information and Googled. I was able to contact Mike and thank him but he would not accept payment for the gas.
Mike told me that he recently gave his daughter her very 1st car. He said I thought of her when I saw your daughter having problems at the gas pump. I hoped that if my daughter ever had problems, someone would show her kindness.
As God said of King David, so say I of Mike, “A man after my own heart”.
Should you ever be in need of logistical support, I would think you would want to do business with a guy like Mike.

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