I like to support my friends whenever possible. I have been receiving Facebook invitations to events where Lady Zion and the Babylon Boys were playing for months now. Most of them conflicted with other events and a couple of times I simply forgot. This past week I planned to go and see them on Saturday.

Saturday arrived and my schedule worked out perfectly. I was on my way to go see them. When I arrived I saw Byron and had a hearty handshake and how ya doin’. Then I saw his dad Bill and gave him a hug. Then I saw Ross and another hug. Knowing these guys for the many years I have, I was expecting good music.

This is where you and I take a little detour. I have to explain my feelings on music. In my nearly 50 years on this planet, there has only been one exception to Truman’s remake rule. That rule being “I don’t like remakes”, period. I generally don’t like to see big name artist live either. I don’t like it because I love the song the way I’ve heard it on the radio, 10,000 times. I love it the way I know it. When they do it live, they do it different. I don’t want it different, I want it the way I fell in love with it.
Only one exception to that rule stands out in my mind, Whitney Houston singing “I will always love you” from the movie “The Body Guard”. I loved Dolly Parton’s version but I immediately loved Whitney’s more. End of Detour.

Well Lady Z totally flipped that idea on it’s head last night and she started with one of the toughest of all. She sang a Patsy Cline song, and I liked her’s better than Patsy’s. She did a Fleetwood Mac song better than they did. She did Prince better than Prince. The list just kept growing.

I am no expert on music or singing (no one sits in front of me two Sundays in a row because of my singing) but I know what I like and usually why I like it. It was not just the quality of her voice but her ability to make each song her own. It was how she couldn’t be still during the songs. The music just moved her and it was the delivery. I guess they reason I loved her versions of the songs was because they were just that. They really weren’t remakes. They were originals of someone else’s song. I just realized that as I was writing this. What a concept. For example http://youtu.be/nPBj8uW0vHQ

Please don’t misunderstand me though, Lady Zion would not truly be Lady Zion without the great music of the Babylon Boys and hey, they can sing too. They had some great stuff of their own as well. If there was no Lady Zion they would still be well worth the time and effort to go see but together, holy cow what a time.

I almost forgot to mention the place they played, The Dog House Drinkery and Dog Park. What a cool place. I mean that figuratively because it was 103 when I arrived. Fortunately there is plenty of shade.  It is a great concept. They have a 20,000 square foot “off leash” fenced area for dogs and their owners. They have chairs and picnic tables in there so you can let your dog socialize while you socialize. They only difference is that you can enjoy your favorite beverage and say hi instead of sniffing one another. There is also an area in between the bar and house/office where the band plays and those of us without dogs can sit and socialize without sniffing. The staff there are the friendliest folks you could ever meet. They make you feel right at home whether you are a dog or not.

They will be playing at the Dog House Drinkery and Dog Park next Sunday July 21 st from 5-8. It is well worth the drive. Just take 1431 to 175 aka Sam Bass Rd and go north. You will see the Dog Park on your left in about a mile.

Seriously, who doesn’t like to relax and listen to great music?


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