My Favorite Bible Story

The Woman at The Well

In John Chapter 4 verses 1-30 is the story of The Woman at The Well. The glasses that I look through because of my life experience have shaped this to be my favorite story.
This woman had everything stacked against her. The odds against even the encounter, were huge. 1st of all it was noon. Most people drew their water early in the morning when it was cooler. Jacob’s well was one of the original water coolers so to speak. People not only drew their water there but it was an opportunity to socialize with your neighbors, catch up on the latest news and gossip. So, why would someone be there at noon when it was hotter and no else was around? Why would someone not want to socialize.
Strike one (in that time period) she was, well, a she. Women didn’t have much standing at that point in time. They were not respected and certainly not someone whose opinion mattered. They were property. They certainly weren’t the 1st one a “man” would go to, to share news that would change the world. Why a “man” wasn’t to be seen talking with a strange woman.
Strike two, she was a Samaritan. Jews believed them to be beneath them. They not only wouldn’t be seen talking to them but believed they weren’t worth talking to.
Strike three through eight. She was divorced, ………….. five times. Five men found her unworthy of their name, support or love.
Strike nine, she was shacking up with a guy who found her worth keeping around as one would a pet. She wasn’t worth giving his name to.
Yet, oh and this is a big yet, she is the very 1st person and as far as I can tell (correct me if I am wrong) the only person to whom he declares, “I am the┬áMessiah”.┬áHe tells the ruling Jews, you are right when you say I am, but to the “woman” with nine strikes he openly declares who he is. “I am He whom you seek”.
My take away is this. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or who you are, Jesus loves you and wants you to know who he is. He wants to change your life forever. He knows who you can be, who you were meant to be. That is who he wants to give you the “water” to be.

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