What doesn’t kill you……………..

OK week, Great Easter Sunday

I lost 1 pound ┬álast week and I while I am less than thrilled it is a step in the right direction. It is a lot like sailing in light winds. I find sailing in light winds far more exhausting than sailing in heavy winds. In light winds, you are constantly tweaking things. Your brain […]

Today, I Win!

My standard lunch time workout is climbing 47 flights of stairs with a 20lb vest. This is my perfect workout for a number of reasons: lunchtime (what else am I going to do, surf the web) location (the stairwell is about 75 ft. away) climate control (no matter the weather, it is reasonably comfortable in […]

Good News/Bad News

So the workouts were fantastic, this last week. I have not had a single day in the last 10 without a workout. I worked out at least once everyday and twice most days. Somehow I managed to gain 1 pound (I might have to slap the 1st moron who says maybe I added muscle). I […]

Yesterday = Good

Yesterday was a good day. I took in fewer calories than allowed. I walked 47 flights of stairs with a twenty pound vest at lunch. I did Bob Harper’s Biggest Loser Boot Camp Level 1. I got to bed at a reasonable time and got a good nights sleep. That last part is the most […]

Let my public journey begin aka Weight Loss

It takes a village. So if you know me (if you don’t you will clue in quickly), you know I live life out LOUD! My favorite thing about doing that is that everyone knows where I stand. It generally makes it easy to hold me accountable. I want my friends to hold me accountable. I […]

What is MMA and should it be legal in NY?

Very informative video. If you don’t know what MMA or UFC is, watch this and be the wiser for it!   http://youtu.be/OOCN2i_e_vo   Peace, T

Tate Vs Rousey=The Quintessential MMA Match

I really think the Tate vs Rousey fight video should be in the dictionary next to MMA. If you wanted to describe MMA to someone who had no idea what it was, it would be the perfect example to show them.   It had something for every MMA fan in about 4.5 minutes. There was […]